Monitor and Adjust – by Cheri

Hello Friends!  It has been a while, and I must apologize…it has been a busy summer with a lot of ups and downs…but Teachers That Sparkle are back…with a few adjustments…

One of the most important things I share with my staff each year is the importance of Monitor and Adjust.  So many times I see that teachers spend a lot of time designing a lesson that is sure to prove student success, but when something goes wrong and students don’t perform quite like the teacher had hoped, it is VERY important to be able to recognize the break down and make adjustments.

Life is a lot like this.  After a very busy, and unexpected, school year, we felt that we could continue on and make the online academy happen, but life had other plans for us.  We had to monitor where we were and make some adjustments.  Are we disappointed, yes, but we are both quite the perfectionists and want to be sure we are doing right by our audience before we move forward.

So, what is the plan?  We will continue to work throughout the school year to bring you the best we can through our blog and facebook posts.  We are continuing to build our online course…because we are going to make that happen…and in the meantime, I will be trying it out with some of my own 2nd year teachers to ensure what we bring you is of the highest quality that we can produce.  Kimber will continue to work hard at learning how to navigate this whole “teaching” thing as a second year teacher herself…and we plan to continue to make both of our schools the best places they can be for kids.

We hope you continue to follow us and look for quality information throughout the school year!

Sparkle on, my friends!


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