What a Ride! by Cheri


I must apologize!  Wrapping up the school year was a bit challenging this year!  Not only did we finish a year and had to do normal things…Kimber finished her 1st year (a challenge all in of itself), and my school had to prepare to vacate by the end of the day on the final day of school so that they could begin a 2 and a half month long renovation!  So, to say the least…it was busy!

On top of that, I got sick!  I NEVER get sick!  I think it has been at least two years since I felt bad last time.  This time, I think it all caught up with me and I got a severe sinus infection!  Ugh!

So, Teachers That Sparkle had to take a small break, but we are back and ready to take on the world!  We will be recording and releasing our first Introductory webinar on Saturday, June 16, so please watch for that!  Shortly after, we will be announcing details on how to start our online academy, which will support teachers as they learn ways to design and deliver effective instructional supports for all students!  We are very excited to share our experiences and to help others become the best they can be!

In the meantime, continue to check out our social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for our weekly scheduled posts and other exciting ideas and tips for teachers!

Sparkle on, my friends!



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