Outfits That Sparkle! By Cheri and Kimber

In 1995, the choice of teacher outfits was quite different than it is now.  Teacher shirts (not the cute ones you find on Etsy today), long skirts, clunky heels, and high waisted pants…and literally everything I owned had apples on it!

Fast forward to 2010….Kimber was trying to choose a career path and her biggest fear of becoming a teacher was having to dress like we did in the 90s!  And I didn’t blame her!  Boy, who thought those outfits were cute?!?!?!

As a teacher today, there are many options of clothing that can be comfortable, functional, and still adorable.  With websites like Pinterest (anyone else obsessed like us????), a teacher can search for ideas on how to match clothes that will ensure they are professional and stylish.

A few tips for dressing cute and appropriate for your teaching career:

  • Be sure to distinguish yourself from the parents and students. Both Kimber and I look younger than we actually are, and understand how difficult this can be. Even on your casual days, be sure the world knows you are the teacher.
  • Keep comfort in mind ALWAYS. You can put on a very cute outfit and look awesome for the first 30 minutes of the day, but if you are not comfortable, it will ruin your entire outfit. Remember, an effective teacher will be on their feet all day, everyday. While high heels and some skirts can really make an outfit sparkle, we all know that no one looks cute when they are hobbling and struggling to walk in their shoes.
  • As a teacher, you are not making the highest salary in the world. Professional dress does NOT have to break the bank! We recommend sales racks and good old….you guessed it…Target!
  • Accessorize! Not all outfits have to be extravagant and complicated. Sometimes a simple shirt and dress pants are all you need…if you have the right accessories. Add a scarf if the weather is appropriate, put a cute little jean jacket with an outfit, or add simple bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. You will look like a million bucks!

For more of our favorite teacher outfits, check out our Pinterest board: Cute Teacher Outfits. Head on over to http://www.pinterest.com/teachersthatsparkle/pins/

Sparkle on my friends!



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